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Julia Haeffele Ferocious Fitness

Hi, I’m Julia.

Certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

What I love about fitness is that it doesn't have to look the same for everyone. Your journey will be unique to you. Fitness is personal. It should be empowering and you should continue to improve and evolve.

I'm Julia Haeffele (pronounced hay-flee for those curious!). I coach people like you who want to strive to be better, set goals and conquer them, understand and embrace overall wellness. Fitness and wellness have been something I've fallen in love with over the years and I'm passionate about helping my clients find that enthusiasm for it as well.

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Redefine your body and mind through custom coaching.

Ferocious Fitness was started with the mission of empowering people through physical strength and building sustainable, healthy habits. Overall wellness is about investing in the process to build your quality of life right now AND for years to come. 

Training Options

Julia Haeffele Ferocious Fitness Personal Training

One-on-one, simultaneous, and small group personal training in St. Louis, Missouri (Carondelet).

Ferocious Fitness Online Lifestyle Coaching

Custom training program developed for your specific goals based on the equipment you have access to.

Julia Haeffele Ferocious Fitness Bodybuilding

Competition coaching for those preparing to step on stage from novices to seasoned pros.

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Hi Julia, You probably rarely get “check-ins” from your athletes’ husbands, but I wanted to send you a sincere and heartfelt thank you. Admittedly, I had my initial knee-jerk hesitations about Meredith doing another [bodybuilding] show this year. Although she crushed it on stage last year, I had a hard time watching her adhere to a prep program designed by an inexperienced coach focused on “skinny” vs. a defined, conditioned, feminine, and HEALTHY look. She was tired, cranky, and deprived throughout the entire experience, and I didn’t want that for her again. Fast forward to this year, and her confidence, energy, focus, and overall outlook are through the roof! Since her last prep was so focused on weight loss, she initially looked to the scale as progress measurement, and she started to get discouraged. But through your coaching, guidance, and reassurance, she made a commitment to trust the process. And in typical Meredith fashion, she followed your program to the letter. No missed days. Not a gram too many. Not an ounce too little. If Julia said it, she was doing it. To see her smiling during peak week, excited to tackle these last workouts is a real blessing, and I’m so thankful for your role in it all. As a husband, it’s been a wildly satisfying experience to watch Meredith persevere, celebrate, and be fulfilled through this year’s journey. She deserves the best, and she definitely found it in her coach. Thank you, Julia.

Meredith McCrary

- Drake McCrary (husband of client Meredith McCrary)


why ferocious fitness

Client transformation is my passion.


Full time support - constant advice, answers to questions, guidance, tips, tricks, and everything in between.


Custom training tailored to your needs, preferences, equipment available, your time restrictions, and availability. 


Efficiency - ain't nobody got time to waste. 


True investment in yourself, your health, your longevity.

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